Added value services such as multiple insertion, voucher strips, scented inks and variable data are just some of our offerings.


Our state-of-the-art Muller Martini Mailroom enables us to carry out multiple insertion (up to 3 inserts) in to your product. The mailroom can insert a range of products from single sheet leaflets to booklet style in various sizes:

  • Max 310mm x 240mm
  • Min 148mm x 105mm

Voucher Strips

We are able to offer (dependent on pagination) a high impact advertising / voucher strip. This voucher strip will overlay either the top or the bottom of a page. These are invariably 100mm high and will appear between two pages of the product.

Scented Inks

We have the facility to add a scented ink to the product. There are a range of smells including:

Foods such as:
Curry, Marzipan and Chocolate

Fruits such as:
Apricot, Mango and Apple

and many more…

Variable Data


The Kodak Digital Print Head provides the ability to produce bespoke newspapers capable of featuring unique advertising and marketing content via uniquely printed barcodes, text, or even high end graphics.

Click here for a video of what it can do for your business.