It is the policy of DC Thomson & Co. Ltd. to manage all of its activities to ensure that their environmental impact is reduced to a practicable minimum.

To enact the policy DC Thomson & Co. Ltd will develop and maintain an Environmental Management System and will :

  • Promote best practice and sustain continuous improvement in environmental performance and prevention of pollution measures.
  • Our Products and Operations will comply with all applicable regulations and requirements.
  • We will comply with all applicable legislation and provide information to and liaise with, the regulatory bodies The Scottish & English Environmental Protection Agencies and their Officers, to ensure continued compliance with The Pollution, Prevention & Control Regulations (Scotland) 2000 and other applicable legislation.
  • Provide and maintain equipment, monitoring systems and records pertaining to the control of emissions and/or discharges to the environment, and provide training for employees in the operation and maintenance of such systems.
  • Shall set and review environmental objectives and targets and document, communicate to persons both internally and externally.
  • We shall make this policy document available in the public domain